Prior to starting my blog and heading off to the region, one of my stated goals was to find answers to problems that have eluded scholars, diplomats, politicians, philosophers and warriors for millennia. My focus has generally been on how to integrate Israel’s needs into the answer since I am most sensitized to that nation’s requirements. In no particular order, here are the possibilities that will lead to positive results.

1.  Go See for Yourself

The media does not present truth, it sells advertising to make its owners and shareholders wealthy. The old adage, If it bleeds, it leads still holds true. To obtain a proper sense of activities, local opinions, geographic realities and cross cultural issues, board a plane, come home, talk to people.

2. Disband the United Nations

It seemed like a good idea at the time. The UN has been nothing more than a puppet for varying interests. Initially, it was the spokesperson for US and assorted western nations. Since most of us living in this section of the universe espoused similar values, we accepted the UN’s world view as correct and relevant. The institution has morphed over time and has sold out. It represents the interests of the loudest and the majority. Putting forth and endorsing policies equating Zionism with Nazism, regardless of one’s take on the State of Israel, is anathema to logic and truth. Hiding behind a cloak of legitimacy, the UN has authored events that have acted against the multiple values and principles which were the pillars of its foundation. The gentle whirring you hear is the sound of Woodrow Wilson spinning in his grave.

3. Realize that Oil isn’t the Answer

Much of today’s problems are traced back to insatiable needs for oil. What is oil? It is compressed, melted dinosaurs and plants. Relying on animals with miniscule brains that extinctified themselves should be enough of a warning to any thinking person. To feed our insatiable lust for gasoline, we have sold out our values, created auras of respectability around dictators and potentates who should be shunned, and we continue to destroy the environment. Again, money and greed run the show. Multi-national petro companies purchase and shelve alternative energy saving technology strictly to foist their need to engorge already overflowing bank accounts, world economic and social conditions be damned. I know that I sound somewhat anarchistic when suggesting a revolt against the Exxons, Shells, BPs, etc. of this world but hey, I did grow up in the 60’s when ideas and ideals mattered. Getting back to my roots.

4. Establish a New Type of State in the West Bank

Realpolitik has created today’s situation. There is a de facto separate entity on territories legitimately won by Israel as a result of beating back enemy attacks. To my knowledge, land won by blood has never been returned to the defeated. Ask Vlad Putin for his motivation behind re-annexing Crimea. That said, bad policy, judgement and terrible PR has resulted in a geographic territory occupied by supposed refugees. Normally, refugees resettle themselves in a few years following their displacement, either though their own volition or with the help of outside aid. I suppose that there have not been sufficient Petro-Dollars earned by the brethren of the ‘Palestinians’ over the past half century to allow them to spare a few rials, dinars or anything else to build schools, hospitals, roads, toilets, etc. for their downtrodden political pawns.

So, since the Arabs won’t help out, I suggest that the Jews do. I envision a joint state, owned and run by a Partnership consisting of the Jews of Israel and the Arabs of the West Bank. The Israeli Jews would provide technology for irrigation, education, medical facilities and infrastructure. The ‘Palestinians’ would ask their wealthy oil drenched cousins to foot the bill. Within a generation the area will produce surplus food, scientists, educators, doctors, etc. The two entities in the Partnership would share the profits and create the ultimate showpiece for the world as to how supposed enemies can benefit by working together. Nothing like making a few dollars to smooth out the societal wrinkles that currently exist. As a gesture of good will, I will waive my usual 5% consulting fee to get this off the ground.

5. Is there a True Voice of Reason out there?

Can anybody in the Arab camp actually step forward, agree that Israel has the right to exist in some legitimate form, say it out loud and negotiate a deal that promises a long term, warm peace?

6. Hello China

By any reasonable account, from a perspective of historical political analysis, the Era of the United States is coming to an end. China is in ascendance. Israel and Egypt were fortunate to have the US in their respective corners through the turbulence of the past sixty or so years. America, through financial persuasion and dissuasion were able to keep things from going too far off the rails. The US’s recent follies in terms of mid-east policies (the Mubarek/Sisi imbroglio, the decision by Obama not to re-arm Israel’s Iron Dome in the midst of rockets raining down on civilian targets, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc.) have underlined the fact that the US is no longer the world’s lead diplomatic actor. My view is that the mess began in Iran about 40 years ago with the hostage taking. By kowtowing to religious extremists and trying to negotiate a peaceful release, the US emboldened and empowered Khomeini  setting up the blueprint for the current global nightmare we are all enduring. The problem was further exacerbated when the then US president opted for a military rescue that resulted in the deaths of the Marines aboard helicopters not equipped for landing in the sands of Iran. The downward spiral of American global impotence can be traced to what has come to be known as the ‘Jimmy Carter Desert Classic’. The next time you have to take off your shoes and give up your nail file when boarding a plane, don’t forget to thank that anti-Semitic peanut farmer from Georgia.

That said, it’s time to find a new friend. China, despite its historically recent flirtation with Mao and his commie stooges has been a proud proponent of capitalism and national pride since Confucius was a Boy Scout. China has succeeded in locking up long term commitments from third world nations. In exchange for supplying infrastructure, half of Africa and the Middle East have sold their birthright. China has signed long term (30 years plus) contracts for oil, gold, uranium and other goodies needed to grow a nation. There is also a level of kindred spirits between the two countries. Respect for education, family values and financial success are a few examples. Not to mention Chinese Food. Israel’s political strategy should, to a large degree, involve expanding its Sino connections.

7. Wait for the Messiah

If all else fails.

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    Posted at 00:19h, 19 January Reply

    Don't waive your 5%. For once it would be nice for someone with astute brilliance to benefit.

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