Montreal continues to demonstrate its unique position within the construct of other North American cities. With less focus on economics, Montrealers displayed, through their votes, a desire to focus on the elements that render Montreal a haven for creativity and lifestyle.

Having been emasculated in the 1970’s of its head offices, financial institutions, etc., rather than trying to recapture it’s past, citizens have opted for the verve and modernity that are more in keeping with our enlightened European sister cities than say a Chicago, New York, or, God forbid, Toronto. While the aforementioned towns are effervescent in their own right, they remain driven by dollars, with all ancillary aspects of their lives – Arts, Parks, Public Transport, play a supporting role to the financial imperative.

Montrealers prefer two hour terrace lunches to two hour commutes. As a bastion of creativity, we have elected a neophyte – Valerie Plante to serve as our face and voice. Women have become more the rule and less the exception in the upper echelons of business, law, and politics, with admirable track records to show for their new positions.

As a collective and forward thinking citizenry, we have a responsibility to further eschew the previous century’s mentality by embracing a real, tangible change in fundamental direction. Montrealers must continue to show appreciation for, the values that our forward thinking mayoress has for increased access to low income housing, public transport, health initiatives, etc.

As a proud Montrealer, with one foot in the business world and the other ensconced in the Arts, I am ready and eager to offer a newbie politician the chance to enact her vision. I hope that all Montrealers who are surprised and perhaps initially disappointed by the results of the election are able o stow away their preconceived concerns and allow Mme La Mairesse the chance to succeed; with our full support. She would not be the first Plante to show exceptional talent to backstop Montreal.

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